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For more than 4 decades, Dr. Ken Nordberg has done hunting related research with wild deer and black bears over much of North America. Performing original research like his is somewhat unusual for an outdoor writer. Thus, his expertise has become legendary.

At this time, Dr. Nordberg is semi-retired. He still writes, but he is no longer running a booth, or giving seminars as the featured speaker at hunting shows. (His last hunting show was about 2000.) His last Buck & Bear Hunting School was in the spring of 2005. So while many "old-timers" know Doc as "the" expert on whitetail deer hunting and black bear hunting, many younger hunters are unfamiliar with him.

Altogether, Dr. Ken Nordberg's: original research, 11 paperback books, 1 ebook, hundreds of published magazine articles, countless seminars, movies, videos, and DVDs have forever greatly improved the way Americans hunt whitetail deer and black bears. This archive gives young hunters, and us "old-timers," access to the articles that made Doc so famous.

Keep in mind, Dr. Ken Nordberg's longevity as an outdoor writer is extraordinary. You may be interested to know that many of his earliest published articles included topics on fishing and bird hunting. Over the years, his articles have appeared in many major outdoor publications. His first published article on whitetail deer hunting came out in Fins & Feathers in 1980. (He authored hundreds of articles for them.) He also wrote many articles for Sportman's Press. Then in 1990, Dr. Nordberg became a featured writer for Midwest Outdoors — typically writing two articles per month. (The rough estimate is: 24-1/2 years * 12 months * 2 = 588 articles.) During that time, he also wrote for Bow Hunting World, and Bear Hunting Magazine. So — as of June 2014 — the estimate of the total number of articles that Dr. Nordberg has had published is over 700! (The publication dates for his ground-breaking books are: 1988, 1989, 1990 (2 books), 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001, and 2014.)

Creating this Archive of Dr. Ken Nordberg's Articles is massive project. In some cases, the articles must be retyped. This process will take some time, so please check this list on a regular basis for new links to the articles that interest you.

[Keep in mind, all of these articles — and the photographs and drawings in them — are copyrighted. While you are welcome to read these articles, you can not legally reprint, republish, or make derivative publications using them. (All rights reserved.)]


Articles Exclusive to this Website:

Dr. Ken Nordberg's Published Article Archive


  • (May) About Cover Scents (From Sportsman's Press. This is an interesting article Dr. Nordberg wrote about how to use, and not use cover scents. Because he was the expert on this topic, back then, manufacturers in the fledgling scent industry really wanted him to endorse their products.)


  • (Oct) The Great Lesson (Recently — 10/12/2014 — I was able to get copies of some of Doc's older articles. This is the first article that I am uploading from when he wrote for Sportsman's Press. At the time, he was writing about one article per week for them. This particular article is wonderful article where Doc reveals his views concerning hunts where he was unsuccessful at harvesting venison.)



  • (Feb) “Whitetail Science” First Steps To Success (First Steps to Success for hunting mature whitetail bucks and other deer.)



  • (Jan) A Proven Gem of a Hunting Tactic (This story describes an advanced scouting technique for whitetail hunting that helps to answer the question, "Where should I hunt next?" Doc calls the “Mid-Hunt Cruising.”)
  • (Mar) Back to The Basics — Introduction (Most deer hunters rely too much on using estrus scents, rattling, and grunt calls. In this series of articles Doc covers the most important skills a deer hunter should rely on.)
  • (Apr) Spring Chores that Pay Off in Fall (This article talks about what Doc calls, “Spring Scouting.”)
  • (Apr) Back to Basics — Identifying Whitetails via Tracks (This article covers how to identify whitetail deer via their track size. Doc's biological research that related whitetail size to track size is one of his most important contributions to the Modern Era of Deer Hunting.)
  • (July) Back to Basics — Whitetail Beds and Bedding Areas (This article covers how to identify whitetail beds and bedding areas. Doc's biological research that related whitetail size to bed size is one of his most important contributions to the Modern Era of Deer Hunting. He also defined many of the terms now commonly in use — such as Buck Bedrooms.)
  • (Dec) A Lesson In Mobility — The Seven-Stand Buck (This a great story about one of Doc's nice 10-pointers and how he expertly used seven different tree stands to get it.)



  • (Dec) Beware the Bold Buck (Sometimes big bold bucks monitor what you are doing very closely. Even an expert whitetail buck hunter can be outfoxed by such a buck.)


  • (June) Trophy Buck Elusiveness
  • (Dec) Blind Magic (An early article on ground blinds. Originally this article was published without photos. In this new version the article, more recent photos have been added.)





  • (Feb) David Beats The Odds (This article covers the Nordberg's hunting camp rules for taking deer, and David Nordberg's great 2005 whitetail hunting season.)
  • (Sept) Snow vs. No Snow (This article explains covers strategies for hunting whitetails when snow makes it easier to identify sign, and what to do when there is no snow.)
  • (Oct) Why Adult Deer Easily Spot You (This article explains how a camo headnet, camo blaze orange outerwear, a solid natural background and adequate intervening cover can make you invisible to whitetails.)
  • (Oct) Early Rising (This article explains the importance for buck hunters of getting up early in the morning, and just how early.)



  • (Dec) Afterwards (This is a charming article about Dr. Ken Nordberg's first deer hunting season.)










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