Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting Revised 2001 Edition

About the School

Dr. Ken Nordberg's four-day buck hunting school is unique for 3 reasons:

  1. here you will learn to become regularly successful at hunting mature, white-tailed bucks and trophy-class black bears with gun or bow,
  2. half of this school is conducted in the wilds and
  3. it is taught exclusively by a man who has completed more scientific, hunting-related research with wild whitetails and black bears (35 years) and has written more about hunting them than anyone (9 deer books, 2 bear books and hundreds of magazine articles).

While attending this school you will sleep in a modern cabin overlooking beautiful Arrowhead lake, enjoy sumptuous home-style meals and, if you desire, bathe in an authentic Finnish sauna. (Continued on next page...)

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