The story behind, Santa's New Reindeer, by Dr. Ken Nordberg

Beginning in 1980 Dr. Ken Nordberg acted as Santa at six family Christmas parties. He began each visit by telling the children and parents about what he had been doing to get ready for his big night, Christmas Eve. Ever since, Doc's children and grandchildren have been asking him to preserve these never-before-written, much-loved tales in book form. Beautifully illustrated by one of his talented granddaughters, Alison Nordberg, "Santa's New Reindeer" is the first of these stories. You, your children, your grandchildren and some day even your great-grandchildren will forever treasure Dr. Nordberg's (Santa's) Christmas Tales. Merry Christmas!


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The Story:

Santa had a serious problem. There were now so many children in the world that he could no longer bring toys to all of them on Christmas Eve. A young ellf named Isaac told Santa about two wild reindeer that might help solve this problem. When caught, several important questions needed to be answered. Could they be tamed? Could they learn to fly? Could they lear to land silently on house roofs? Could they contribute enough strength and speed to enable Santa to bring gifts to all the world's children?

Future Books:

Altogether, Dr. Ken Nordberg has written 6 Christmas children's stories about Santa Claus. Santa's New Reindeer is the first story in the series to be published. The remaining stories will most likely be published in 2015. In the coming days we will post the information about Doc's future stories below.

The Illustrator

Alison Nordberg is one of Dr. Ken Nordberg's granddaughters. She is the daughter of Doc's oldest son John and his wife Beth. Alison is a natural artist. Her wonderful illustrations are very cute and just captivate children.