Dr. Ken Nordberg's
Whitetail Hunter's Almanac
8th Edition

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Title: The Whitetail Hunter's Almanac, 8th Edition

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First Copyright Date & Printing: 1995


Whitetail Hunter's Almanac, 8th Edition: a guide to “mid-hunt cruising,” a wolf-inspired hunting tactic that enables the hunter to determine daily where to hunt a buck during the next twenty-four hours without alarming the quarry enough to cause it to abandon currently frequented trails and sites or, worse, without causing it to abandon its entire home or breeding range. Mid-hunt cruising is an extraordinarily effective way to improve buck hunting success, one Dr. Nordberg and his hunting partners use without fail daily. This book also lists items of hunting gear actually improve hunting success, how to avoid becoming lost, what to do upon becoming lost and how to avoid, recognize and treat potentially fatal hypothermia.

John Nordberg – Dr. Ken Nordberg's “Mid-Hunt Cruising” whitetail hunting technique is excellent. Understanding this technique greatly helps a hunter in the woods key off of real-time deer sign – hunting correctly for the moment – hunting like a wolf hunts. I am not a collector of the latest deer hunting device or contraption. (When did it become mandatory that a deer hunter had to have an ATV? If they were only used for dragging in a big buck, then that would be OK. The “drag” is a very special part of hunting. What is wrong with using your legs? I believe they are the biggest hindrance to most hunters getting a big buck now-a-days.) With my ATV tirade aside, in our camp, we like good equipment. Starting with our tent and wood burning stove – which allows us to be out close to the deer – it keeps us warm even if its 40 below. We can come back to camp, have a quick lunch or even a nap, and go right back out. We hear shots. We hear wolves. We always know what is going on with the weather. I know our camp gives us an advantage. In the early morning, when I am watching deer at the end of their feeding cycle, I always hear vehicles filled with deer hunters coming down the nearby gravel road from the resorts and cabins. Too late. We always talk about our newest gloves, underwear, outerwear and such like it is critical – because it is. We all have great cots and sleeping bags. We eat like kings: BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Steak, Spaghetti, Lasagna, and so on. We all use bolt action 7mm Magnum rifles. You won't find us in the smoky bars in the evening. This book by Dr. Nordberg covers all the essentials of tools and equipment. Hey, it is in stock! Order yourself a copy. When you consider how much you have invested in your equipment, what is another 10 bucks?

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Table of Contents:

Author's Introduction

PART I: Mid-Hunt Cruising

The Answer to an Age-old Question

The Final Cog

Wolf Hunt Stage I: Cruising in Search of Vulnerable Prey

Cruise Research

Application to Hunting by Humans


Step 1: Scout Thoroughly Pre-Season

Step 2: Establish a Cruise Trail

Step 3: Develop a Non-Hunting Style of Cruising

Step 4: Cruise While Whitetails are Bedded

Step 5: Cruise Daily

What to Look for While Mid-Hunt Cruising

Identifying Fresh Tracks and Droppings on the Fly

Step 6: Select Two Stand Sites and Approaches

A Final Tip

The Payoff

PART II: Tools of Regularly Successful Whitetail Hunting and How to Use Them

What Do I Need?

Some Guidelines for Selecting Gear for Whitetail Hunting

Tools That Improve Hunting Success and How to Use Them

Well-Conditioned Legs

A Good Night's Sleep

Good Food

Non-Alarming Odor

Double Nutrition

Favorite Hot Meals


Flexible Lunch Hours

Preserving Wholesomeness

Quick and Easy

Comfort and Hunting Success

Comfort Provided by Clothing





Hunting Coat

Proper Size

Adequate Warmth


Adequate Pockets

Non-Reflective Surfaces


Removable Hood




An Insulated Bag

Pest-Proof Clothing

A Hunting Seat


Deep-Tread Boots

A Secure Elevated Stand

Is That Deer Safe to Handle?

The Deadly Duo: Lost and Hypothermia

A Chain of Deadly Mistakes

Tools of Survival and How to Use Them

Proper Clothing

An Extra Pair of Warm Socks

An Extra Pair of Warm Gloves or Mittens

A Flashlight, Extra Batteries and Extra Bulb

A Belt Knife

A Plastic Sheet

A Twenty-Foot Rope

Matches in a Waterproof Container

A Box of Bullets and a Police Whistle

A Map and Pocket Compass

Toilet Tissue

A Can of Pop


A Pad of Paper and a Pencil

First Five Steps to Survival

Survival Camp

How to Insure a Quick Rescue

A Whitetail Hunter's Guide to Treating Hypothermia in the Field

Unerring Navigation While Hunting Whitetails

Navigating via Landmarks

Navigating via Compass and Map

Navigating via Natural Phenomena

Familiar Trails

Trail Markers

Using a Flashlight

Measuring Distances Via a Watch

Putting It All Together

Locating an Area Inhabited by a Desirable Quarry – References

Effective Hunting Methods – References

Benefits of Using a Stool and Camo Headnet

Eliminating Ruinous Odors of Stuff

Lures Today

Identifying a Quarry

Harvesting a Quarry

An Easy Target

Where to Aim at a Whitetail

An Unobstructed Shooting Window

Avoiding Discovery

Well-Ingrained Shooting Instincts

A Steady Aim

No-Miss Sights

Recover a Wounded Quarry, if Necessary – References

Field Dressing – References

Transporting a Harvested Quarry from the Field

End of the List

Epilogue: A School in the Woods and a Special Thanks

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