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   Since 1988, I have written nine bestselling Whitetail Hunter's Almanacs based on our scientific research and three bear books, Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting. I published the 9th Almanac in 1987, over 20 years ago. Now — April, 2018 — I have finished my 10th Almanac. Initially, it is available as an ebook for 24.95 and as a paperback for $34.95. Click here for more info. Your going to love it! At his time, some Almanacs (1st, 2nd, 6th & 7th) and the two older bear books are out of print. Please check the “Store”; page for the availability of past products and for future products.

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Dr. Ken Nordberg's Whitetail Hunter's Almanac, 10th Edition

Doc's 10th Almanac is now available in paperback and ebook. For more info see this dedicated page for the 10th Almanac. You can order it through Doc's Store or through eBay. (Canadian customers, please order it through ebay. EBay's international shipping program is the lowest cost for shipping.)

Book Cover of Doc's latest bear book, Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting, 5th Edition

8/1/2018 Dr Ken Nordberg's Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting, 5th Edition (Now in Paperback!) $29.95 Purchase Dr. Ken Nordberg's Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting, 5th Edition on ebay — (298 pages, 8 x 10 inch format, about 2 pounds, color cover, black and white photos.) Comes with the color versions of the photos and the high definition videos on a companion DVD. (The DVD is almost identical to the 4th Edition DVD.) At this time, the only way you can purchase it is through eBay.

1/8/2018 Attention Deer Hunters — Doc's next Whitetail Hunter's Almanac — his 10th Edition — is almost ready! (The first version will be released on Amazon as a black and white ebook, the next version will be released with color photos on Apple, then it will come out as a printed book.) Soon we will release a "Preview" version with reduced pricing on Amazon. After Doc receives the text for the Forward we will finalize this Amazon Kindle version and raise it to its regular pricing. So, if you would like to save some money keep an eye out for the Preview version. As the editor, I can tell you, with great new hunting techniques, such as, "Opportunistic Stand Hunting," and up-to-date, completely rewritten text for all of Doc's most important deer hunting information, this will become the new Bible for deer hunting!

Book Cover of Doc's latest bear book, Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting, 4th Edition

7/31/2017 Attention Bear Hunters — Doc's Bear Book has now been converted to Amazon's ebook format! There are some important differences between this version and the Apple version. First, pricing — the Amazon ebook is priced at $9.95 — the Apple version is $19.99. The Amazon version contains only small greyscale photos designed to be viewed on the inexpensive Kindle devices. We view this limitation as a drawback. Our solution is this, we will be selling a separate DVD with the same color photos and HD videos that are on the Apple version. The Amazon version of the ebook, priced at $9.95, is available here. The DVD, priced at $9.95, is available here.

2017 Stalker Award for Top 18 Deer Hunting Blogs

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6/7/2017 Doc received an award. 2017 Stalker Award for having one of the Top 18 Deer Hunting Blogs

2017 Stalker Award for Top 18 Deer Hunting Blogs

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4/29/2017 Phase 2 of the Rut — The Breeding Range Establishment Phase — Part 2 of 3

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1/27/2017 Be sure to check out Doc's Blog for his latest tips.

Summary of the Nordberg's 2016 Deer Hunting Season

9/21/2016 Doc now has a YouTube Channel. Check it out here.

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9/12/2016 Doc's latest book, Dr. Ken Nordberg's 2016 Pocket Guidebook to Whitetail Tracks, Fall & Winter is now available on Amazon. Consider carrying this guide on your cell phone.

8/22/2016 Doc has published his latest book, Dr. Ken Nordberg's 2016 Pocket Guidebook to Whitetail Tracks, Fall & Winter. The price is just $4.99. This first version is an Apple ebook (designed to be viewed on your computer, iPad or iPhone) and can be found here… Later this year — he have a printed version that you can carry in your pocket.

7/2016 Doc is in the editing phase of his latest Whitetail Hunter's Almanac (his 10th Edition). It is going to have tons of new pictures! After the first edit of text — without the color photos, drawings, videos & captions inserted — the page count is 414! This is going to be a fantastic book! Whitetail Hunter's Almanac has been delayed due to Doc having open heart surgery. Current estimate is the summer of 2017.

April 2016 Doc had open heart surgery. He is doing fine.

2/27/2016 The Minnesota DNR's new Moose Management Plan.

2/26/2016 Minnesota deer hunters — pay close attention to the DNR's plans to reduce whitetail deer numbers in an attempt to help the moose! Watch for MN DNR press releases here. Doc has some blog posts here, and here.

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9/16/2014 The Third Edition of Doc's best-selling book, Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting! ($19.99) Get your free, informative 35 page Preview now. Click on the book cover link above or this Apple iBooks link.   This is a big ebook! It has 360 pages, color photos, new video showing all the details of making a bear stand/bait site from scratch. This is a big ebook — over 1 Gigabyte size! Black bear hunters will love this book. [This latest version is an ebook — Doc's first ebook. Later, we will make a version for Amazon, and a traditional paperback version. For the Amazaon and paperback versions there will be a separate, optional DVD containing the new video contained in this ebook.]

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2014 Nordberg Deer Camp Results

Here is a brief summary of the 2014 Nordberg hunting season. Doc will have more in-depth articles on our 2014 hunt in upcoming articles. First, in our northern Minnesota hunting area, the 2013 statistics were bleak, just 0.1 bucks taken per square mile — one buck per 10 square miles! In 2013, we took 3 bucks — one 8 pointer, and 2 small bucks — hunting in about 2 square miles. It's tough hunting in our wolf country but using Doc's techniques we do much better than the average — in 2013, roughly 15 times the area's average (3/2 = 1.5/.1 = 15). Second, in 2014, the Minnesota DNR stated preliminary statistics for our area — now a bucks only area after two straight severe winters — was down about 67%. In 2014, Minnesota deer hunters registered 111,000 deer, down 31,000, or down about 22% state-wide (111,000/142,00 = 78%). However, we hunted smart, worked hard, used Doc's hunting techniques and ended up having a very good year — taking 4 nice bucks — about 60 times our area's average (4/2 = 2/0.33 = 60.6). We could easily tell it was a bad year for other hunters in our area. We hardly heard any shooting and we had a lot of sad look road hunters drive down our gravel road this year. They don't seem to understand, road hunting is not a very effective technique for getting big bucks.

Here the 4 bucks we took this season…

David Nordberg, 2014, 10-pointer

(First, the big guy! Doc's son, David Nordberg, 2014, with a trophy-class 10-pointer, taken on the second Saturday. This was his second buck of the season. David took this buck from a ground blind while it was walking with a perfect shot at a distance of 175 yards!)

Jimmy Nordberg, 2014, 5-pointer

(Second, a notable first! Doc's grandson Jimmy Nordberg, and proud father John Nordberg, with Jimmy's first buck — 2014 — a hefty 5-pointer — taken from a ground blind at a distance of about 20 yards. In a preseason scouting video, Doc proclaimed, someone's going to get a buck here this year. From a distance of 150 yards John watched his son take this buck just 10 minutes before Jimmy had to quit hunting and head back to college on the first Sunday.)

(Doc's son Ken Nordberg, 2014, with another nice 8-pointer taken on the second Saturday. Ken took this buck with a great 75 yard shot through thick second growth quaking aspen, on foot, while following fresh sign on the way out to a tree stand.)

David Nordberg, 2014, 8-pointer

(Doc's son, David Nordberg, 2014, with another nice 8-pointer. This was Dave's first buck of the season — taken on opening morning. Dave took this buck at close range from a new tree stand location. His pre-season scouting really paid off this year!)

We were prepared to take spikes or forkies this year. Instead, because of the last 2 severe winters, we ended up taking older bucks. They are tougher to outsmart, but 2014 turned out great.