Dr. Ken Nordberg's
Trophy-Class Buck Hunting School

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Title: Dr. Ken Nordberg's Buck Hunting School DVDs

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A 10 Disc DVD Set, Price: $84.95

Total Run Time: 17 hours 35 minutes

First Copyright Date & Publication: 2008


Dr. Nordberg taught his Buck Hunting School for over 2 decades. He decided to stop teaching this class in 2005. John Nordberg, Dr. Nordberg's oldest son, video-taped the last 2 years of the school (2004 & 2005). Dr. Nordberg & John Nordberg have collaborated to create this DVD version of Dr. Nordberg's Buck Hunting School.

In the past, Doc's school took place over a 4 day period — 2 days of classroom training with a slide presentation, and 2 days of in-the-field instruction. The afield instruction included:

  • Identifying and measuring sign — including tracks, droppings, rubs, beds and scrapes.
  • Identifying feeding areas — including identifying various types of foods (both graze & browse).
  • Identifying doe and buck bedding areas.
  • Identifying classes of deer via sign.
  • Doc explaining various types of hunting techniques.
  • Doc showing students the details of the Nordberg Deer Camp's professional system of trails.
  • Locating great stand site locations and building ground blinds.
  • And much more! (It took 4 days after all.)

Over the years, Doc has given hundreds of slide presentations to thousands of hunters at deer hunting shows and a variety of hunting groups. Often, the lighting conditions at these various locales was less than ideal and the projected slides were difficult to see. Thousands of hunters wished they had a video version of these presentations. At Doc's hunting schools, he gave the “long” version of his slide presentation. In this 10-disc set of DVDs, Doc's main set of 309 slides were all scanned, digitally remastered, and inserted into the video of Doc's classroom instruction. Additional, slides, photos, and graphics from Doc, John, and other members of the Nordberg crew were inserted to push the number to over 350.

Over the years, John Nordberg has been taking video at deer camp. Some of his footage was used to give the viewer a more personal look inside the Nordberg deer camp.

John's video from the 2004 and 2005 classes included over 36 hours of raw footage. The raw footage, slides, and extras were honed down to 17 hours and 35 minutes. The major parts of the 10-disc DVD set include: Days 1 & 2 from the classroom in 2004, Days 3 & 4 from the field in 2004, and Days 3 & 4 from the field in 2005.

Some hunters do not do preseason scouting and trail work. We recommend that you do. It is a great way to extend the deer hunting season. This last year, the hunters in our group spent, on the average, over 6 days of scouting, cleaning up old trails, and creating new trails. (This does not include time spent bear and grouse hunting in our deer hunting area.) If you have never scouted for deer, or feel that your trails are randomly placed rather than planned based upon specific big buck signs, then these DVDs are perfect for you. They will greatly increase your chances of taking a big buck!

Dr. Ken Nordberg's Buck Hunting School DVDs is a unique product. The information he teaches is scientifically based. It works. There is no other product on the market — other than Doc's Whitetail Hunter's Almanac, 10th Edition — that you can buy that will increase your knowledge and skills, and will improve your ability to hunt big bucks like this set of DVDs.

The cost of Doc's hunting school in 2005 was a very reasonable $630. We are selling this 10-Disc set of DVDs for $84.95 plus, tax, postage & handling.

Hunter's that are avid follower's of Doc love these DVDs. Most of the hunters that took Doc's hunting schools have purchased these DVDs to be able to remember what the schools were like. Many hunters have purchased these DVDs because they wished they could have gone to Doc's schools. There is a ton of great information in these DVDs. Their value far exceeds the price. However, they are not perfect. For example, the video recorded in Doc's classroom has poor quality audio in some locations. Sometimes hunters moved their heads in front of the camera. Sometimes hunters in the classroom slid their chairs, making obnoxious noises. (Don't expect perfection.) In numerous cases where Doc and his son John had to decide to edit something out because of imperfections, or leave it in, they decided to leave it in. The key thing is, what was preserved on video was/is a real treasure.

Case Artwork:

The DVD case artwork for Dr. Ken Nordberg's Bear Hunting School

Disc Artwork:

The DVD  artwork for Dr. Ken Nordberg's Buck Hunting School

The DVD  artwork for Dr. Ken Nordberg's Buck Hunting School

Table of Contents:

Disc 1 (1 hour 46 minutes)

  • Opening Credits
  • Proof of the Pudding
  • Introduction
  • Day 1 — Classroom (2004)
  • Why big bucks are tough
  • Down Wind — Cross Wind Tip

Disc 2 (1 hour 47 minutes)

  • Non-Aggressive Hunting Tip
  • Odors & Scents
  • Deer Trails
  • Four Stories
  • Sentinels of the Woods
  • The Rut — Phase I
  • Rut Phase II

Disc 3 (1 hour 47 minutes)

  • Rut Phase II Continued
  • Ground Scrapes
  • Antler Rubs
  • Rut Phase III
  • Rut Phase IV
  • Rut Phase V

Disc 4 (1 hour 47 minutes)

  • Behavioral Classes
  • 2.5 Year Old Bucks
  • 3.5 - 6.5 Year Olds
  • Dominant Breeding Bucks
  • Deer Signs
  • Tracks
  • Tracks of Wounded Deer

Disc 5 (1 hour 44 minutes)

  • 2004 Day 2 Classroom
  • Droppings
  • Beds
  • Watering Spots
  • Foods & Feeding Areas

Disc 6 (1 hour 45 minutes)

  • Foods Continued
  • Weather
  • Hunter’s Sunset
  • Stands
  • Stories
  • Approach Trails
  • Clothing
  • Whitetail Sign Guides

Disc 7 (1 hour 40 minutes)

  • Ground Level Hunting
  • Katy’s Stump
  • Modified Deer Trails
  • Misc. Tips
  • Doc’s Portable Stump
  • Rattling

Disc 8 (1 hour 44 minutes)

  • The Gentle Nudge
  • Cover All Bases
  • Classroom Ending
  • 2004 Afield
  • Three-Buck Point
  • Peggy’s Stone
  • Horseshoe Valley
  • Bunyan’s Marble
  • Moose Mountain
  • Ground Blind
  • Creek Crossing

Disc 9 (1 hour 47 minutes)

  • 2004 1st Day Afield Continued
  • A Browse Area
  • 2004 2nd Day Afield
  • Lots-of-bucks Mountain
  • Buck Bedroom
  • Acorn Mountain
  • Antler Mountain
  • 2005 1st Day Afield
  • Doe Family Bedding Area
  • A Ground Blind
  • Three-Buck Point

Disc 10 (1 hour 44 minutes)

  • 2005 1st Day Afield Continued
  • Bunyan’s Marble Trail
  • Moose Mountain
  • Watering Spot
  • Ladder Crossing
  • Katy’s Buck
  • 2005 2nd Day Afield
  • Lots-of-Bucks Mountain
  • Tyler’s Big Buck
  • Four Bear Hill
  • Creek Crossing
  • Birch Mountain
  • Wolf Droppings
  • Breaking Camp

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