Dr. Ken Nordberg's
do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting,
Revised 2014 Edition (Third Edition, eBook)

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Title: do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting, Revised 2014 Edition (Third Edition, eBook)

Availability: Available Here on Apple iTunes as an iBook

First Copyright Date & Printing: 2014

Most Recent Price: $19.99


Doc's unique method of hunting black bears —from a tree stand, at close range, over a bait crib, using positioning bait — has grown into the one of the top two methods of hunting black bears (the other using a pack of hounds). Listen to how it all started in his own words.

“During several guided but mostly fruitless hunts using bait to attract black bears in Ontario, Canada back in the 1960s, I thought of many ways I would do things differently if I ever had the chance to hunt black bears on my own. My chance came in the 1970s when names of my sons and I were drawn in the first Minnesota lotteries to receive permits to hunt black bears. My ideas worked with extraordinary success. We attracted eleven bears to our stand/bait sites the very first day we hunted and from that time on we have never failed to have several opportunities to take black bears during every hunt. Initial success seemingly easy, we began increasing the challenge of hunting black bears using bows only, limiting our shots to opportunities for quick and humane kills at very short range.”

“The only trouble was, all but a few the black bears we tagged back then were not particularly large, most weighing 180 pounds or less. We knew we had much larger bears in our hunting area, having often discovered their much larger tracks and occasionally seeing them crossing logging trails considerable distances away, usually at sunset. Thus we began a quest to discover how to attract these larger bears to our bait/stand sites, beginning with learning more about their habits and behavior. One of our first and most important discoveries was, larger black bears were mostly nocturnal (preferring to move about during nighttime hours only), especially during our warm days of early September when we hunted them. We soon learned our odds of taking larger bears were considerably improved when our bait sites were located near signs recently made by larger bears (such as paw prints) in cover so dense that approaching bears were very difficult to see until they stepped into our small bait site openings. We also discovered twelve proven baits provided much greater hunting success than a single bait and it is unwise to hunt large bears in the morning. Today, we’re still learning more about black bears.”

“All of what we initially learned was described in several outdoor magazine articles during the 1980s and in my first bear book, Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting, a guide to hunting trophy-class black bears with gun or bow published in 1990. This book quickly changed the way black bears were hunted all across North America. Awarded a five-star rating by Amazon, it is used by state hunter education instructors, professional guides, experienced bear hunters and first-time bear hunters throughout North America. It has enabled countless hunters to take trophy-class black bears weighing 300–600 pounds or more.”

“Upon gaining the reputation of practically guaranteeing hunting success, it soon sold out and a somewhat revised edition published by Bear Hunting Magazine in 2001, also soon sold out. The demand for used copies of the first and second editions has been so great that they have been selling on Amazon and eBay for $150–200. Because of this unending demand, plus the fact that trophy-class black bears and even smaller bears have continued to become more and more difficult to hunt (mostly because hunters have created increasing numbers of ways to goof up), I felt prompted to write a new, much-revised, 200-page-longer 3rd Edition of Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Hunting and Baiting in e-book form. This book is loaded with color photography and videos recently filmed in my Minnesota bear country near the Canadian Border. Like in my first bear book, I can truthfully state this book will enable beginners to successfully take trophy-class black bears (weighing 300 pounds or more) on first hunts, enable veteran bears hunters to at last experience the thrill of seeing truly impressive bears approaching their bait sites and enable guides to gain the reputation of providing hunters with the very best of black bear hunting. If black bear hunting is in your future, you will treasure this book like hunters treasured my first bear book back in the 1990s, the book that introduced the newly pioneered black bear hunting methods still used almost exclusively today.”

This book will eventually be available in four distinct formats:

  1. This version — the Third Edition — is priced at $19.99, this ebook version is now available in Apple's ebook format. It is an “iBook” that can be read on Macintosh computers, iPads, and other compatible devices that support the iBook format. It has color photos and integrated HD videos. You can read/watch this ebook on a computer, or, literally plug your iPad (or compatible reader) into HD TVs and watch the videos (and even read the book) on the TV's screen. This is a great format. Available Now in the iTunes Store
  2. This version — the Fourth Edition — comes in two parts (the second is optional). The first part, priced at $9.99, comes in Amazon's ebook format (designed for the Kindle, or devices compatible with the Kindle reader). Available Now on Amazon. This ebook comes with relatively small black and white photos. From our perspective, the problem with this format is you can't include color photos or integrated video. (Most of the older Kindles do not not support color photos or video.) Therefore we also offer a separate Optional DVD — priced at $9.95 — that includes the color photos and HD videos included in the Third Edition. Available Now through Doc's Store here or John's Store on eBay.
  3. Coming Soon — in 2018! As of April 2018, John Nordberg is editing Dr. Ken Nordberg's do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting & Hunting, Revised 2018 Edition. (I suppose we will refer to it as the “Fifth Edition”.) This will be a traditional paperback with black and white photos. This version will also include a separate DVD that will include color versions of the black and white photos and HD videos.
  4. At some point, we are planning to make hardcover version with color photos.

Over the year's Doc has sold 10's of thousands of books in paperback format. By far, they are his customer's favorite format. However, the benefits of Apple's ebook format are many. The only drawback is, at this time, the format is limited to iPads and Macintosh computers. The first and second editions of Doc's bear books only had black and white photos. Back when they first came out, publishing a book with a large number of color photos was just too costly. So, the biggest benefit of the Apple's ebook format is inexpensively publishing a book with color photos.

  • Color Photos: This ebook has roughly 200 color photos that show many important details that were hard to show in black and white — and most of the photos can be zoomed in so you can see the finer details.

You are just going to love zooming in on the bear droppings and showing others their key details!

While they say a photo is worth a thousand words, videos are even more valuable.

  • Videos: This ebook has about 24 videos.
  • Zoomable: Each video starts out in a smaller frame, but if you prefer, you can zoom it to full screen. All but a couple of the video clips were filmed in HD.
  • HD: This book is designed to be viewed on computers or HD TVs. You can even connect to a HD TV and read and/or watch the book that way. For example, there is an optional cable that connects iPads to HD TVs. You connect the 2 devices. Set the TV's input to the correct port. Start up the iPad, and set the iPad's screen to be mirrored on the TV. While you scroll and read the book on the iPad, it is mirrored on the TV's screen. When you play the HD videos, they play on the TV's screen. You can listen to the sound through the iPad and/or the TV. It is really a great way to view this book's content.

The videos include details on scouting, and most importantly, step-by-step instructions from Doc on how to build the ideal black bear bait/stand site from scratch — including the extremely valuable details of using positioning bait. These videos show key details that every black bear hunter should see.

  • Great Graphics: In addition there are a number of valuable maps and illustrations.

Expert knowledge from the man that invented this method of hunting black bears — hunting black bears from tree stands over bait cribs — great hunting stories, color photos, and HD videos. These are the main benefits. But there is more.

  • Updatable: This format will allow readers to download updated versions.
  • Electronic Glossary: It includes an extensive integrated glossary. When you see a glossary item in the text, you can click on it to read more details, then click a link to go back to where you were reading.
  • Hyperlinks: It includes hyperlinks to key websites.
  • Bookmarks: You can make electronic bookmarks.
  • Notes: You can make electronic notes.
  • Flash Cards: You can even make flash cards of things you want to memorize.
  • Variable Text Size: If you don't like the size of the text, you can change the font size.
  • Interactive Graphics: A number of the photos are interactive — clicking on a hotspot will zoom into that part of the photo and display an explanatory note.

This is not a little pdf that was repurposed as an ebook. It was designed from the ground up to be viewed in this format. It is not little book. There are over 360 pages and, because of the large color photos and HD video, the download size is over 1 gigabyte. Many bear hunters will purchase an iPad just to get this ebook. When you consider the work and expense involved in bear hunting, it makes sense. When you follow this link to Apple's store you will find more information about this book. There is also a large free preview version that you can download.

We feel that Apple's ebook format is far superior and that this book will set a new benchmark for other outdoor writers to follow. If you can get this version, we highly recommend it.

Preview Images:

Drawing shows how Doc sets up Black Bear hunters with the perfect shot.

Drawing shows how Doc sets up Black Bear hunters with the perfect shot.

Drawing shows how Doc sets up Black Bear hunters with the perfect shot.

Drawing shows how Doc sets up Black Bear hunters with the perfect shot.

Drawing shows how Doc sets up Black Bear hunters with the perfect shot.

Table of Contents:

Title Page

Copyright Page




eBook Tips

Author's Introduction


Chapter 1: What Hunters Should Know About Black Bears

Sizes and Weights

Sex Characteristics







Cubs, Yearlings and Subadults


Home Ranges

Feeding Hours

Other Factors That Influence the Timing of Feeding Hours



Air Temperature

Human Activities

Are Black Bears Dangerous?

The Bear on the Knoll

The Bear That Came to Breakfast

Incident on Four Bear Hill

A Chocolate Brown Bear and Others

Antidote for Bear Danger


Chapter 2: Locating Productive Bait/Stand Sites

The “Scattergun” Approach

The “Let the Bears Do the Walking” Approach

The “Go to the Bears” Approach

Bear Signs

Where Hounds Are Used to Hunt Black Bears

Recognizing and Interpreting Bear Signs

Bear Tracks

Bear Droppings

Signs of Feeding

Bear Scratch Trees


Mapping Signs of Adult Bears

Prerequisites of Productive Bait/Bear Sites

Is there enough cover?

Will I have adequate cover?

Can a bait/stand site be prepared at this site without making changes that will intimidate the most wary of black bears?

Can I get to this site without spooking my quarry?

Where will a baited bear be most likely to bed when not feeding?

How will wind direction affect my hunting?

Will I be able to move to my stand without being heard or seen?

Can I transport a harvested bear from this site before it begins to spoil?

Is the area I'm planning to hunt large enough?


Chapter 3: Bait/Stand Site Preparation

Black Bear Effective Stands

Dave's Trembling Balsam

Essential Bait/Stand Site Elements

When to Prepare a Bait/Stand Site

Stand Location

Stand Height

Stand Camouflage

Stand Comfort and Silence

Stand Safety

Bait Site Preparation

Shooting Windows

Create a Positioning Bait Site

Make a Bait Crib

Dave's First Bear

Stand Trail Preparation

Bait Storage

John's First Bear


Chapter 4: Baits and Baiting Tactics

Effectiveness of Baits

Effects of Wolves

Recommended Baits


Vegetables and Grain



Cooking Oils and Greases

Baiting Tactics

How to Provide Bait

When the Second Hunter Leaves, Waste No Time Getting Ready

The Best Time of the Day to Haul in Bait

The Rule of Six

Bait Amounts and Frequency of Baiting


Chapter 5: Preparing to a Hunt Trophy-Class Black Bear

Some Facts About Shooting Black Bears

Exit Wound Capability

Dave's Bears—Exit Wound Advantage

The Myth of Firepower

Head and Neck Shots

String Trackers

Recommended Weaponry

Accuracy Under Pressure

Developing a Shooting Groove

Required Marksmanship

Recognizing Ideal Shot Angles

Controlling Emotions While Preparing to Shoot

Bear Hunting Gear

Trail Cams

Personal Scent Management

Bear Camp

Hunting Hours


Hunting Season Baiting Hours

Preventing Bear Carcass Spoilage

Your Dragging Crew


Ready at Last


Chapter 6: Hunting Black Bears over Bait

Body and Clothing

Backpacked Gear

Camouflaging Exposed Skin

Cover Scent, Etc.

Preparing Your Weapon

A Bear at Your Bait Site as You Approach

The Direct Approach

The Two Hunter Approach

The Silent Approach

Beginning Approach Trail

Middle Approach Trail

Final Approach Trail

Sounds That Identify Humans

A Bear at the Bait Crib

Setting Up Positioning Bait

Honey Burn

Preparing a Weapon for Hauling Up to a Stand Platform

Climbing to a Stand Platform

Buckling Up

Hauling Up Your Weapon

Preparing for and Rehearsing the Shot

Preparing for a Long Vigil

Other Gear in Your Stand

Spotlighted by Sunlight

Biting Insects

Detecting Approaching Black Bears

How Black Bears Approach Bait Sites

Kevin's Lost Arrow

A Black Bear's Sixth Sense


Chapter 7: The Shot

Responses of Black Bears to Hits

Heart/Lung Hits

Other Hits

After the Shot

When to Begin Tracking

Recovering a Shot Black Bear

Trail Signs of Wounded Bears

200-Plus-Yard Trails

A Lost Trail

Lost Trail Tips

When All Fails

Night Tracking

Approaching a Downed Black Bear

Finishing Shots

The Almost Mythical Charge

Kill Site Photos


Chapter 8: Black Bear Harvest

Field Dressing

Ten Steps to Properly Field Dressing a Black Bear

Transporting Your Bear From the Woods

Field and Camp Care of a Bear Carcass

Emergency Measures for Preventing Spoilage

Transporting Your Bear in a Vehicle

How to Skin a Bear

Skinning for a Bearskin Rug

Skinning for a Shoulder Mount

Skinning for a Full Body Mount

Mounts with Snarling Lips

How to Butcher a Black Bear

Trophy Bear Measurements

How to Cook a Bear

Best Bear Steaks

No Finer Stew

Black Bear Roast

Ground Bear


It Doesn't Get Any Better

It Does Get Better

A Final Word




Information on Doc's website and products


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